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Babette: Hi, I’m Babette Bach, and I am the founder of Bach Elder Law. I am an elder law attorney.
Fred: Hello. My name is Fred Jacobs. I practice law with Babette Bach.

Babette: We’re a firm that specializes in the legal issues of the eldery and disabled. A lot of people ask me what that is, and it’s something unusual. We focus on listening to our clients and trying to meet their needs by specializing in their areas of concern.
The most important thing to look for is a board-certified elder law attorney. In our firm, myself and my partner Fred Jacobs are both board-certified in complimentary specialties. I’m board-certified in elder law, which means that I am an expert in dealing with the issues of the disabled and the elderly as well as the governmental benefits that apply to them. My partner Fred is an expert in tax law.

Fred: I’ve been an attorney for nearly 45 years. My specialties are tax law, real estate law and financial and business matters. I am Florida board-certified in tax law. I also bring to Bach Elder Law my expertise in understanding financial documents. I can read and understand annuity policies and insurance policies, for example. I know what an IRA is, I know what the tax deductions are. I know how to designate beneficiaries of IRAs upon the death of the owner in order to have the most beneficial income tax treatment. I also represent our clients in their dealings with the Internal Revenue Service, and if necessary we can go to tax court or federal district court in order to obtain refunds of taxes that did not have to be paid.
Babette: Very frequently we can blend these two expertises to give the client all the information they need to deal with their issues. Primarily, this means focusing on issues relating to how they will pay for health care, how they will manage if they become incapacitated, how they will plan for their estate and for simple transition of their assests, but most importantly, how they will be able to save their assests so that they have good care at home or in a quality facility if they need that. In order to advise a client, I have to know all the fields of governmental benefits that would apply to them, and that is primarily medicare, medicaid and V.A. benefits.
People ask me, how did I get to be an elder law attorney? I’ve had a life-long interest in health care and access to health care. In my legal profession I’ve fought over and over again for people to have the governmental benefits that they need in order to get quality health care.

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