Alert To New IRS Phone Scam

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If you have recently received a computerized call or a call from a real person stating that you are being investigated for tax fraud and asking you to call a specific telephone number, chances are this was a scam call to try to trick you into providing a criminal with your personal information and ultimately trick you out of your money. This has been happening to numerous people across the country so please be on alert and do not give up your personal information over the telephone no matter how convincing the caller sounds.
There are some points you can consider to help you to identify whether an IRS caller is a fake. Remember that the IRS will NOT:

1. Call to demand immediate payment, nor call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill.
2. Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe.
3. Require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes, such as a prepaid debit card.
4. Ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
5. Threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying.

Things you can do if you suspect you have been a victim of an IRS telephone scam:
Contact the IRS office at 1.800.829.1040.
Contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) to report the call. Use their “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting” web page or call 800-366-4484.
Report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Use the “FTC Complaint Assistant” on

Please share this information with friends and family to ensure that they are also on alert especially if they are elderly and particularly vulnerable to scams of this sort.

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