How to Prevent Falls

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As we get older, our physical and mental faculties begin to decline. This is perfectly normal and does not affect everyone in a heavily detrimental manner, but it does increase the risk of falling. Falls can be quite dangerous and put any person at risk of serious injury, but this is especially true when it comes to elder Americans. To help elderly individuals avoid falls, we have developed a list of fall prevention tips.


  1. Make An Appointment With Your Doctor

Whether or not you have fallen before, it is advisable to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss whether any medications you are on or are about to start taking have been known to have adverse side-affects such as dizziness or fainting. You can also discuss with your Doctor whether any health conditions you may be afflicted with increase the likely hood of a fall (ex: an eye or ear disorder may throw off balance).


  1. Participate In Physical Activity (At Any Level You Are Comfortable With)

Physical activities such as walking, water aerobics, biking or yoga can increase your balance and coordination, while also strengthening your muscles. Additionally, participating in activities such as these allows you to maintain a high level of activity, which will make everyday tasks easier.


  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Consider changing your footwear and gearing your wardrobe towards casual outfits that involve wearing tennis shoes or other secure footwear. High heels, flip flops and shoes with thin or slick soles can be uncomfortable and greatly increase the risk of a fall.


  1. Complete A Safety Check In Your Home

As most falls occur in an individual’s own residence, completing a safety check and “fall-proofing” your home can go a long way in regard to fall prevention. Start by checking for loose or missing handrails on any staircases and make sure to get them fixed. Additionally, make sure all rugs in your home are secured to the floor and won’t slide or curl up. In your bathroom, implement non-slip strips in the tub or shower, mount grab bars on the walls and install adjustable height shower heads.

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