Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans

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There are more than 12.4 million veterans over 65 who have served our country in a multitude of ways. Elderly Veterans may be eligible for a variety of benefits that are available, including: disability, pension, compensation, health care, education, home loans, insurance, employment, burial and vocational rehabilitation.

There are two programs geared specifically towards elderly veterans that provide them with additional money if they are eligible for receiving a pension benefit. The first, Aid and Attendance, will be given to veterans who are either bedridden, residing in a nursing home, have significantly impaired vision or require help performing daily functions. The second program, Housebound, gives veterans an augmented pension if they are confined to their immediate premises due to a disability that is permanently inflicted upon them.

Healthcare benefits are often provided to elderly veterans as well. Elderly veterans with a myriad of healthcare needs can receive geriatric care either in their residence, at VA medical centers, in long-term care programs or in the community.

To learn more about these benefits and to determine your eligibility or that of a loved one, visit the Veterans Affairs website and peruse the “benefits” section. To apply, you can go online and complete the process through eBenefits, work with a representative or go to a VA regional office and have an employee assist you. Babette Bach, esq. is a Board Certified Elder Lawyer and can advise you about public benefits available to seniors, including veterans benefits.


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