Recent Survey Has Found That More Than Half Of Americans Currently Do Not Have A Will

 In Estate Planning

A survey of approximately 1,000 adults, conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International in January of 2017 indicates that only approximately 42% of Americans adults have created Estate Planning documents such as a Wills or Living Trusts. Furthermore, it reports that, out of American adults who have children, only 36% have developed estate plans. While it is understandable that many Americans do not want to think about their deaths and likely put off writing a Will or participating in Estate Planning due to this, it is important to remember that processes such as these can help ensure that your loved ones have financial security after you are gone.

Another reason that individuals many not create Wills is because they do not believe that they have an amount of assets that is substantial enough to have value to anyone. However, regardless of age or economic status, you should create a Will so that your wishes regarding your property and personal belongings are followed. Additionally, making a Will can help bring any individual peace of mind and a sense of certainty.

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