Who runs the Medicaid program?

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Medicaid is a program jointly run by both the federal and state governments. In some cases, the funding for Medicaid can come from the local government, too. The proportions of funding vary based on the state.

In Florida, $23.5 billion are spent on Medicaid each year. However, only $9.5 billion of these funds comes from the Florida state budget – the remaining $14 billion is drawn from the federal budget.

When it comes to administration of the Medicaid program, it is primarily up to the states. Eligibility standards, type and scope of services, and payment rates are all set at the state level. Sometimes, states even rename their Medicaid programs to titles like “Medi-Cal” (California) and “TennCare” (Tennessee). In Florida, Medicaid is administered by the Department of Children and Families.

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