Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: Capital Gains Taxation

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The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought with it many changes to federal tax law. In this series of blog posts, we explore what’s new in taxes.

Capital gains taxes have remained basically the same. Short-term capital gains (assets held less than one year) are still taxed as ordinary income. However, long-term capital gains tax rates are now based on the following taxable income levels, instead of on the old marginal tax brackets:

Long-Term Capital Gains Rate Single Return Taxable Income Joint Return Taxable Income
0% for taxable income up to $38,600 $77,200
15% for taxable income up to $425,800 $479,000
20% for taxable income up to $425,800 $479,000


It is important to note that alternative minimum tax rates still apply to long-term capital gains. In 2018, an alternative minimum tax of 28% will apply to any alternative taxable income (including long-term capital gains) in excess of $95,750 for single returns and $191,500 for joint returns.

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