Changes in Estate Tax Law Alter Use of Bypass Trusts

 In Asset Protection Planning, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Tax Law

In 2013, changes were made to estate taxes and now few people are subject to federal estate taxes. For those who die in 2016, the first $5.45 million of an individual’s estate is exempt from federal estate taxes, which means that up to $10.90 million is exempt for a married couple’s estates.

With these changes it now may be that a bypass trust is unnecessary for someone’s estate. Due to the restrictions put in place on the bypass trust, the surviving spouse has less control over the assets.

However, a bypass trust is still useful for estates larger than the current estate tax exemption. Additionally, even married couples who have less than the exempt amount of assets may still choose to use a bypass-style trust in order to provide for a surviving spouse’s income needs during their remaining life while still protecting an inheritance for children from a prior marriage.

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