My Elderly Loved One Has Recently Been Hospitalized and Assigned a Case Manager. What does this Mean?

 In Long-Term Care

It is important that, should your elderly loved one become hospitalized, you understand how each individual member of the hospital staff contributes to their care. While most people are familiar with the general duties of doctors and nurses, many have never heard of the role of case manager (sometimes referred to as a discharge planner). A case manager is someone who works with senior patients that have been hospitalized and develops a plan of care for them. Essentially, they are an advocate for their patients, working closely with them to determine their medical needs and wishes in order to ascertain what the best care strategy is for each individual. Talk to your elderly loved one and ensure that they understand the case manager’s role. Additionally, advise tell them to communicate honestly and openly with their case manager so that this individual will be able to get as accurate an idea as possible regarding the type of care plan that needs to be implemented. If you are someone’s healthcare surrogate, you may also need to be involved in planning with a case manager.

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