What is a Guardianship Monitoring Program?

 In Guardianship

The term “guardian” refers to an individual who is appointed to care for and/or handle the affairs of a person who is deemed incompetent or incapable of administering their own affairs. The 12th Circuit Court has established a Guardianship Monitoring Program, which was created to help make sure that all court-appointed guardians adhere to the law. This is done by ensuring that they provide care to the elderly individuals they have been entrusted with in a manner that most positively benefits said individuals. This program includes, if necessary, guardianship investigations and court appearances. It also appoints a full-time guardianship monitor to make-sure that guardians are fulfilling their obligations in an appropriate, safe and caring manner. As a part of this program, a toll-free guardianship hotline has been implemented to make it easier for individuals to report any concerns regarding guardianship cases that take place in Sarasota County.

The number for the aforementioned hotline is (855)-506-0304, you can call this number if you have any knowledge regarding improprieties in relation to Guardianship cases that take place in Sarasota County.

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