Opening the Qualified Income Trust Bank Account

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Opening the Qualified Income Trust Bank Account

Once a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) has been prepared and signed, the Trustee must establish and maintain a separate bank account in the name of the QIT. The account can be established at any banking institution. Prior to going the bank to open the account, it is a good idea to call your bank and make an appointment. It helps to explain the situation before you arrive for the appointment, so that the bank representative will know what your purpose is and will be better equipped to help you.  When you call to make the appointment, explain that you, as Trustee of a Trust, will be setting up a checking account and making a deposit. Explain that it is not a trust account, but just a regular checking account that happens to be in the name of a trust.  Make sure that the bank can offer you a checking account that is non-interest bearing, and that you do not need to keep any minimum amount in the account at any given time.

The QIT account should be titled in the name of the Trust, for example, “Jane Doe Qualified Income Trust Dated __________, 2020” or “John Smith, Trustee of the Jane Doe Qualified Income Trust Dated ________, 2020.” A QIT is a “grantor trust”, which means that for tax reporting purposes, the trust’s finances are the same as the Settlor’s finances. Therefore, the bank should use the Social Security Number of the Settlor (the Medicaid recipient).

Make sure you bring the original Trust Agreement and your Driver’s License or other government issued photo identification with you to the bank to open the checking account. The bank can make a copy of the Trust, but you should not relinquish possession of the original Trust.

If you have specific questions regarding setting up a Qualified Income Trust account or your duties as the Trustee of a Qualified Income Trust, the experienced elder law attorneys of Bach, Jacobs & Byrne, P.A. are here to assist you. Call us at (941)906-1231 to set up a consultation.

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