Warning Signs of Dementia

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Dementia is defined as a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury. Dementia is traditionally marked by symptoms such as memory disorder, personality changes and impaired reasoning. Dementia is a very complex and progressive condition, with negative effects that can manifest themselves as a variety of different symptoms.

To help you be able to identify the possible emergence of dementia in an individual, here’s a list of warnings signs and symptoms:

  • Memory loss
  • Communication impairment
  • Impaired visual perception
  • Repetition in conversation or in daily activities
  • Confusion
  • Mood swings
  • Inability to perform tasks that they are usually able to complete in an adept manner
  • Apathy
  • Frequent falls

If a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms or you think that they make be suffering from an affliction such as dementia, schedule an appointment with their doctor immediately and get their condition diagnosed and treated.

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