Can a Will be contested while the testator is still living?

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No, in Florida a Will cannot be challenged while the testator is still alive. The Florida Probate Code states clearly: “An action to contest the validity of all or part of a will or the revocation of all or part of a will may not be commenced before the death of the testator.” However, if one suspects undue influence or fraud in the creation of a Will, one can certainly gather facts and evidence in preparation for future litigation if and when the time comes.

After a person’s death, the personal representative serves a Notice of Administration on the estate’s beneficiaries. For 90 days after this notice is served, beneficiaries can contest the Will.

A Will can be challenged for, among other reasons, errors in execution, fraud, lack of testamentary capacity, or presence of undue influence. The attorneys at Bach, Jacobs & Byrne, P.A. are experienced probate litigators and estate attorneys who can advise you about your case. Call us at (941) 906-1231 to set up an appointment.

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