How to Correct a Death Certificate in Florida

 In Elder Law, Probate

In order to correct a death certificate, you must submit a request to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Florida. This request must include the following documents: an Application For Amendment To Florida Death Record (DH524), the Affidavit Of Amendment To Certificate Of Death (DH433) and documentary evidence where required. While the Affidavit can be used to correct a range of minor errors, corrections that require additional documentary evidence include: name of deceased (other than a misspelling), date of birth (changed more than three months), citizenship from alien to U.S. citizen and name(s) of parents (other than misspelling).

Suggested source of documentary evidence include: a birth certificate, school record, census record, social security record, passport, driver’s license, employment record, insurance record, medical treatment record and a voting registration record.

If you need assistance or have further inquiries regarding this matter, visit the Bureau of Vital statistics website for Florida.


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