What is summary administration in Florida?

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Summary administration is a form of probate which is generally less time-intensive and less expensive than a full probate. Pursuant to the Florida Probate Code, the following conditions must be met for an estate to qualify for summary administration:

  • The gross value of the probate estate does not exceed $75,000, or
  • The decedent has been dead less than two years

If the Will does not include a direct instruction to conduct a formal probate, a petition with the court may be filed requesting summary administration, if either of the two factors above apply to the situation. This petition can be filed by any beneficiary of the Will or any individual nominated to serve as personal representative in the Will, and it must be signed or joined in by the surviving spouse (if any). If the court accepts the petition, it may order the assets to be immediately distributed to the designated beneficiaries, presuming all creditors have been paid or will be paid.

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