What is summary ancillary administration?

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Summary ancillary administration is a type of ancillary probate in Florida (as a reminder, ancillary probates are generally necessary when a nonresident of Florida dies leaving real property in Florida). As defined in the Florida Probate Code, to qualify for this form of ancillary probate, the following criteria must be met:

  • The decedent had a Will
  • The decedent was not a resident of Florida
  • The decedent died less than two years ago
  • The decedent’s assets have a gross value of no more than $50,000
  • The personal representative was appointed by an out-of-state court
  • The pleadings from the foreign state probate court are available to be filed in a Florida court

In a summary ancillary administration, it is not necessary for a Florida personal representative to be appointed. However, the personal representative from out of state may file the transcript of the original probate proceedings with the Florida circuit court of the county where the decedent’s property remains, and he/she may also publish a notice of administration to all creditors and interested parties of the decedent’s Florida assets.

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