Does the Qualified Income Trust Need a Taxpayer Identification Number?

 In Asset Protection Planning, Medicaid Planning

Some banks may request that you obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number for the Qualified Income Trust (QIT, also referred to as a Miller Trust).  However, In Part 21, Chapter 7, Section 13 of “Assigning Employer Identification Numbers (EINs),” the IRS specifically provides that “If the trust is a Miller type of trust, do not assign an EIN. Instead, inform the trustee that he/she must …Use the SSN of the beneficiary or trustee to report trust activities.” A Qualified Income Trust (QIT) is a “grantor trust”, which means that for tax reporting purposes, the trust’s finances are the same as the Settlor’s finances.  Therefore, the bank must use the Social Security Number of the Settlor (the Medicaid recipient) when setting up the QIT checking account.

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